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" Learning to read is the most important skill a child learns when they start school. I wanted to create a resource that makes learning to read as fun and as easy as possible, to give every child the best possible start in life."

Sophie Cooper, teacher and founder of Fonics.

The Science of Phonics

Did you know that phonics is proven to be the most effective method for learning to read?

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Reading made easy

Fonics teaches non readers their very first words and takes them all the way to being able to read their first book. Fonics makes learning to read more efficient by breaking the English language into just 44 sounds, using the method of synthetic phonics.

Don't memorise 1,000's of words individually, learn to read with Fonics. Learning to read has never been so easy!

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Learn how to read anytime, anywhere. Whether on the way home from school, or on the sofa at the weekends.

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“I would say this is one of the best phonics apps I have come across.”

“If you have a child who is learning to read, I would definitely recommend checking out the Fonics App!”

“Make phonics fun through playing simple, clear mini-games with letter sounds!”

“It’s been designed with children in mind every step of the way.”